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  • Born and raised in Zagreb, Croatia.
  • In love with computers and technology since 1991.
  • Building websites since 2000.
  • Since 2016 building websites professionally.
UX/UI, Dev, Speed optimization


Amazing people from Cvit Happens do some seriously good stuff with flowers. First they wanted a webshop. We made one. But then, they figured that all they want to do is decorate and organize some of the best looking events and weddings ever.

Sneak Peak Cvit Happens
Zagreb Point

When Fatdux reached out to me, I knew that I will be presented with a great design that will need my extra attention to make it amazing. And it was a blast indeed. This site is fully integrated with Beds24 platform, has two languages and a bunch of custom stuff. 

Sneak peak Zagreb Point Apartments

Another great collaboration with FatDux team! One pager for their amazing tool that helps you analyze what people write about your product. It is a must have for every advertiser! I just love one pagers that are clean and fast.

Sneak Peak Bunch.ID
UX/UI, Dev, Speed optimization
Jedi do mile volje

Mile Butorac is a great food stylist and Instagram celeb! He came to me with an idea – he would like to make a blog, different than most. Simple blog about food and people. Don’t be fooled by simple look of this one – just click on it. Less is more.

Sneak peak Jedi do Mile volje by Mile Butorac
Imanje Marincel

Marincel estate is a place where you make your dreams come true. Beautiful place in nature and close to the city of Zagreb deserved to be experienced. That is why I am more than pleased that Rene (owner) has a 250% increase in leads since he went through my hands.